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Don’t make rookie mistakes

In addition to the above-mentioned brands, there are also other worthy (investment-wise) watches that will not only retain their value with the passing of time but also see an increase in price, hopefully significant. On the other hand, many other watches depreciate in value with time.

The buzz might not always be real

With quality taken for granted, exclusivity is what makes a watch’s price increase. If its release manages to create a buzz in the industry, it is a successful collaboration, a brand’s anniversary celebration, comes in a limited edition, has a new feature, a catchy design, or a groundbreaking new material, these are all good luxury watch investment indicators.

Gold and diamonds are no longer the sensations

The days when watches made of precious metals or extremely valuable gems are long gone. A kind of hypebeast mentality has taken their place. Sports steel watches, Rolex Daytona, Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut, Rolex Sky-Dweller, Hulks, Submariner, GMTs, and all soda flavors, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, and more) are the new grails. It’s similar to a gold rush, but without the gold.

ADs, Supply Problem, Waitlists, and How to enter the luxury watches market…

Scarcity plays a major role in entering the luxury watches business.

Bonus Section — 3 Affordable Watches to Invest in 2022

Seasoned players pull the trigger on watches that truly create a buzz. Any watch that brings an emotional value is worth purchasing. Even a brand like Casio, which is not very often mentioned on good watch investments, manages to deliver specific models that time has proven to keep their value and see an increase in price. The new Casio Pac-Man, for example, which was just recently released as a tribute to the iconic arcade game, is already being sold at double, even triple the price on the gray market. And that within the first year. It is a novelty watch and has already run out of production, further deepening the gap of supply. If you want to get into watch investing, you can start with that. Learn more about the new Casio x Pac-Man watch.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five “Cotton Candy”

The Cotton Candy edition joined the brand’s Divers Sixty-Five platform last year in 2021. It features playful colors like lipstick pink, sky blue, or wild green — all pastel dials fitted in 38mm bronze cases. In addition, you can get one with a bracelet also made entirely of bronze. With the patina being developed in the future, thanks to bronze’s natural oxidation process, these watches will surely age well. As novelty models, their production is limited, although they’re still available for purchase from the manufacturer, for a few more months at least.



Choosing the right product for you and your situation can be tough. At LuxyWish you can find gadget reviews, buying guides, news & discussion.

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Choosing the right product for you and your situation can be tough. At LuxyWish you can find gadget reviews, buying guides, news & discussion.