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As a Status Icon

Signet rings are passed down through the ranks of rulers, generals, and high priests as a symbol of their authority and dignity. These rings consider the wearer to be superior.

Useful as a Charm

Many people wear gemstone rings to attract goals or to defeat evil, influenced by astrology and religion.

As a Promise

Engagement rings are either exchanged between two people or given to a woman to indicate that the person wearing the ring is engaged to be married.

As a Commitment

When a couple marries, it is normal for both of them to wear their wedding rings as a symbol of their marriage and fidelity to one another.

As a Fashion Accessory

Aside from the reasons stated above, wearing rings adds grace and delicacy to our hands, which is why they are such a popular fashion accessory. These bands, which range from classic diamond rings to the most recent ring designs, can bring out our individuality.

15 Exotic Ring Ideas

We have presented some of the most beautiful exotic rings that you can use for the reasons stated above.

Exotic Grace

Antler Charm

Sarote Lochotinunt created this ring with a glittering brushed-satin finish. The design of the ring is simple but expressive: an elegant and sophisticated image of exotic animals roaming Thailand’s Central Plains. The ring is an excellent accessory for the naturalist in all of us.

Exotic Thai

This stunning silver ring has exotic geometric designs engraved on it. The ring was handcrafted by artisans from Thailand’s hill tribes and was created by the artisan Achara.


Putu Putri of Bali presents this intriguing cocktail ring. The ring is handcrafted with oxidation to highlight the ring’s polished details. The set of interconnected loops, which overlap in a symbiotic confluence, are embellished with a variety of patterns and textures. It costs $37.99

Basilisk Charm

Cahya Krisna’s stunning band ring is inspired by the captivating nature of a reptile’s dimensions. It adds a one-of-a-kind touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit. The magnificent ring is made of sterling silver and has two rows of silver decorated with different oxidized weaving motifs. A rectangular panel with a sanded finish adorns the front of the ring. It costs $59.99.

Garden Tendrils

This cocktail ring is made by Made Darmada and is inspired by the exotic swinging vines swaying in the tropical wind. The ring is constructed from thin bands of polished silver that spin and gently stir away from one another, with a touch of black oxidation for contrast.

Oyster Mushroom

Desi Antari uses nature’s exotic elegance to create an exquisite work of art in the form of a ring. The oyster mushroom’s distinctive shape is transformed into a beautiful silver ring with a textured finish. It costs $47.99

Elephant Party

Jantana’s sterling silver ring features eight different elephants encircling the band. The features on this ring, with its dramatic shape, highlight the significance of elephants. The ring is successfully completed by the artisan’s signature brushed satin. It costs $44.99.

Kuta Exotica

Dewi Putera created this ring, which is topped with an extended silvery Biwa pearl. The crown, which is accompanied by blue topaz, amethyst, and peridot. The ornate ring is handcrafted from sterling silver.It costs $39.99.

Oyster Blue

Mariella’s attention is drawn to nature’s exotic shapes as she recreates the inside of a shell. The ring is made of sterling silver and features a blue Mabe pearl.

Exotic Silver

Using the casting technique, artisans from Thailand’s hill tribes put geometric designs into this wrap ring. The ring, made of sterling silver, is created by Achara. It costs $49.99.

Linear Modern

Daniella Baltodano, a Costa Rican artisan, creates this contemporary silver wrap ring. This beautiful ring is made up of two parallel sterling silver bars with varying thicknesses and lengths that hint at a taper. You’ll love wearing this eye-catching, one-of-a-kind design with your favorite outfit. It costs $74.99.



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Choosing the right product for you and your situation can be tough. At LuxyWish you can find gadget reviews, buying guides, news & discussion.